Half Elf cleric of the Silver Flame in Sharn




Jenner looked down at his wife, the birth was more difficult than usual. He was by her side wiping her forehead and gently making a “shushing” sound calming her. The man was probably the most anxious one tonight, his wife giving birth to their first child, but he didn’t let it show, the mask of pride was on his face.

During the final push, the high pitched screams of a newborn filled the room. Puzzled look was shot to the mother and then to Jenner by the midwife. He took the child into his arms, smiling as he started to pace. As he neared light, the pride fell from his face as he looked at the babe in his arms. The slightly pointed ears, and almond eyes, evidence that this was not his child.

Swiftly he turned to his wife rage on his face. “What is this?” he screamed as he discarded the child into the arms of its mother. “What is this?!” His voice was seething with disgust, pointing at the baby as if it were a monster.

Exhausted she couldn’t lie. “When you went to guard the ambassador during trading talks. I am sorry my love. I stayed in Sharn and… and.” She cried. “I am so sorry.”

He waved his arm to the door. “It leaves tonight!” The midwife interjected’ “You can’t mean …”

“GET OUT!” he yelled. The midwife slipped quickly out the door. The turned to his wife and pointed to the baby that lay quietly on her chest. “This not human, this is not my child nor will it ever be!” The mother did nothing but sob. He slipped on his coat and pulled the collar up tight, then ripped the child from her mother’s arms. “No.” she weakly protested.

“Be thankful I don’t kill it.” He quietly growled as he stomped out their home with the baby in his coat.

In Sharn, a figure slips from shadow to shadow, the thunder drowning out the sound of a hungry, crying infant. The dark silhouette stands before the doors of the Church of the Silver Flame. It places the infant on the doorstep and knocks loudly on the door then turned away, never looking back. Not caring if the door opened.

The teenage girl pried the stumps of completely burned candles from their holders in the sanctuary replacing each one with a tall fresh one. She earned her keep by cleaning the entire church. The side door slammed opened, a shadow with a glimmer in its hand came towards her. She just stood bewildered, the figure grabbed her about the throat and she felt the coldness of a steel dagger against her throat. A well known guard came rushing in and stopped. “Let the girl go.” She gasped staring at Andrew, to scared to see who held her life in their hands. The criminal pushed her towards the guard’s sword. Andrew had to side step awkwardly to avoid impaling her with the weapon. This gave the robber the advantage he needed. As she turned around to see, Andrew held his chest and the attacker quickly ran for the door. The girl screamed and ran to him. So much blood.

She didnt notice the members that lived at the church coming into the large room.
“Andrew speak to me.” She shook him. He stared into her eyes seeming to focus on her just to stay alive. The girl’s eyes flooded with tears as she looked around. “Help him! The Silver Flame is supposed to do good for anybody.” She held her hand over his chest wound trying to stop the flow of blood from the wound. “Even for a servant. Heal Him!” She screamed in hysterics at the priests.

Her hands felt hot as a calmness washed over her. A flash of light entered her mind as her arms were grabbed by Andrew and pulled off his chest. As her eyes refocused she found herself being stared at by all. Unaware of what had happened the head priest took her by the hand and laid his hand upon her shoulder. “Eildove, Come, we must talk about your future.” She turned around and saw in disbelief as Andrew slowly stood watching her being lead away.


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